It Could Be a Cold Night for a Lifetime


There are an infinite number of thoughts that can go through one’s mind in the moments they’re being robbed. When it happens to Peeta Mellark, his first thought is how attractive his mugger is.

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Anonymous asked: Okay so I really need some good josh and/or joshifer fanfics (preferably available on wattpad) have you or any of your followers got any suggestions? Can be as smutty as you like 😉😋


Ah, man, I have so many favorite Joshifer fics…I actually made a fic recs page a little bit ago of all of my favorites, I’d suggest going there since it’s a long, long list and I don’t want to make this post too lengthy. 

As for Josh fics, I don’t read as much Josh/OC stuff anymore, but I do have a few  full lengths that I read when I first joined the fandom that I still have a soft spot for: 

Thirty Days and Thirty Days More by joshmopolitan (I feel like this is required reading for being in the Hutch fandom. It made me sweat, laugh, and cry too many times to count)

And actually, do yourself a favor and read everything else Sammy has written; I can guarantee it’s all amazing.

Crash and Burn by youarebeingridiculous (Funny as hell with flawless banter)

Stolen and Secret by bigdhutch (both are a nice mix of sweetness, sexiness, and angst)

The Longest Night and Playing for Keeps, both by you-and-i-fiction (One will make you cry your eyes out and the other is super sweet. Just pick what kind of mood you’re in)

*Edit: Shit, how did I forget The Cat and the Lion by joshs-left-earlobe? I love that story so much. I’ll link it once I’m back on my computer.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head (I know that’s a short list; unfortunately a lot of my favorite Josh authors have since deleted their blogs :/)

That’s about all I can think of. Those are all on Tumblr, though. I haven’t really read any of either on Wattpad, so possibly some of my followers you recommend a few? Anyways, I hope that helps. Have fun reading :)

Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen this. Thank you for that awesome compliment on The Cat and The Lion!! And I read the others you recommended, which are some of my faves, so I’m flattered to be listed amongst them.

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When your Facebook friend/old college film class buddy posts that they’re at Telluride and they saw “the Benicio Escobar flick” and you’re trying to figure out if asking for details will reveal too much about your fandomly ways.


I got intel. Here’s what he said:


Everlark now on AO3 and FFN

Just a quick post to tell my Everlark-loving followers that I updated AO3 and FFN with my two PiP submissions if you prefer that format. 

Here are the links: and

Happy reading!!!

joshs-left-earlobe asked: Haha! That dumpster scene was so hot, as was the final one too. Ice bucket time! Well you both deserve high praise for that dark, yet hopeful piece of brilliance!


Who, me and Buns? Well, thank you!  Not really sure what it says about the two of us that it started out as a joke AU brainstorming session all because Josh Hutcherson showed up on tumblr holding a gun (other than I might be willing to Everlark just about anything), but it’s good to know you liked it so much!

Also,I looooooved working with that smutty little genius!


( ^^^If I do say so myself.)

That’s a perfect way to transform “Nick” in Paradise Lost to carjacking Peeta! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall during that brainstorming session!! lol

You Forgot to Remember


You Forgot to Remember

By: Jamie Sommers

Rated: M, NSFW and EXPLICIT!!!

Day 7 PiP: Black and White

Warnings: Mild violence, first time intercourse, and explicit descriptions of sexual acts.

Summary: Katniss and Peeta find themselves in the throes of passion in the most unexpected of places: Tigris’s basement. When morning comes, will they acknowledge the night the boy with the bread returned to place a claim on Katniss’s heart? Will Peeta be able to keep hold of the memories they created? Or will Katniss choose to act as though they hadn’t shared a once in a lifetime experience? Find out in…

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Oh yes!! You submitted one…I’m going to read this today!

joshs-left-earlobe asked: If only I could make that Leslie Knope & Jessica Lange wish happen. Maybe she can be a guest on the next season. OH! I've got it! Perhaps Pawnee Parks and Rec host a family fun night with a friendly freak show?



Pawnee will never be the same. I never knew how badly I need that crossover to happen. Make it happen T! Please!  

If only I could photoshop…


I think a big part of why I read way more fanfiction than books is that there’s just a hell of a lot less exposition

the first 10 pages of most books are always “these are the main characters and here’s some background on each of them and this is the setting etc etc” and it’s such a fucking hassle getting to the plot sometimes

fanfic is just like “fuck it you know all of this already let’s go”

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