Day Three: Yellow
Even the morphlings, who, with Peeta’s help, paint me into a field of yellow flowers.
For all the dark moments in the series, there are flashes of light. Whether it’s Peeta’s dandelion, Prim’s hair or the pages of the plant book, yellow is a color of warmth and friendliness. Use this color to capture the more gentle side of Everlark.
Ball Collection—Bawling (Episode 12)


My apologies for the delay in posting another Ball Collection episode. Travel and orientation have been wonderful but time consuming. This week’s episode begins immediately after the end of Episode 11. As always, thanks to Lisa for her mad beta/editing skills.


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How did I miss this? Great chapter, from bawling to loving to laughter. Beautiful!

allhailthehutch asked: I hope you realize how beautiful your writing is.

You are way too kind my dear!! But I’ll take that compliment graciously and willingly!

myusernamehere asked: Hey, lovie! I just wanted to let you know how much I loved your young Everlark story "Escape to the Sunset." I think the idea of the two of them trying to fly into the sunset, a place "where no one starves, no fathers die, no boys get beaten, and children don’t get killed for the Capitol’s entertainment" was such a beautiful idea. And I love how Peeta made that happen for Katniss with the swing. A simple but very touching gesture. The message in this story really moved me. Wonderful job. <3

So pleased that you liked it!! The idea came to mind as I was driving home from work since I had such an awful day. But it gave me inspiration to write so that’s a good thing!! ((HUGS))

"The ending is not just the squeaky-clean ending that people expect from a young-adult series."

Francis Lawrence (Source)

I think he’s referring to the “dirty sex scene” ending.

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Escape To The Sunset


Summary: After Katniss Everdeen thanks the boy with the bread, they become best of friends. If only they could create something to help them escape the harsh realities of life in District 12.

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This is my PiP entry for Day 2.

Young Everlark.

another piece in their games…
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frakit asked: Karen (fnur) mentioned that if Katniss had a Patronus it would be an otter. I'm just bringing this to your attention because maybe one day you'll be bored enough to draw something like that just for shits and giggles.


NOT ONLY DO I COMPLETELY AGREE and love everything about Katniss having the same patronus as Hermione and everything that says about both of their characters I have strong feelings about Peeta’s patronus as well as house affiliations for most of the main cast so here


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And this is how it starts.


Modern AU. Explicit (sex and language. It’s about porn, okay?)

Katniss is a rising star in the adult film industry. And Peeta is the only person she’s never faked it with.

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