When did you know, that she was the right one for you?


The funniest part (IMO) in the zurich film festival presentation

Get it, girl!


"He is just such incredibly charming, incredibly sweet and nice, can charm anybody. Everybody likes you. You’re light. " Jen about Josh


The upper right pic. Andreas and another actor from PL are taking pics of Josh with fans. Lol. Andreas Is smiling like a proud dad.


This supercut of everytime someone says “Peeta” in Catching Fire makes me unnaturally happy. 

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I look into those blue eyes that no amount of dramatic makeup can make truly deadly and remember how, just a year ago, I was prepared to kill him. Convinced he was trying to kill me. Now everything is reversed. I’m determined to keep him alive, knowing the cost will be my own life, but the part of me that is not so brave as I could wish is glad that it’s Peeta, not Haymitch, beside me. Our hands find each other without further discussion. Of course we will go into this as one.
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Anonymous asked: Okay, wait, the question was if Claudia was jealous of the fans? Wow, that's even dumber. Why ask something so awkward and rude? Did they really think she's say yes to something like that?

The interview was in the context of how impressive Josh’s following is. He was asked about it, Benicio was questioned, Claudia as well. She said it was impressive, that they love him so she’s happy.

Then the interviewer said, “You’re not the least bit jealous?” She said, “No.” I think it’s a reasonable question and a sincere answer.

Just The Beginning Chapter Four


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Whew! Great chapter.

Anonymous asked: The press at these film festivals is starting to get on my nerves. Between that idiotic reporter at TIFF who asked Claudia if someone had stalked her and this person asking Claudia if fans are jealous of her, ugh. What's the matter with these people? First off, it's so unprofessional to ask about her dating Josh in real life but to put it in such awkward questions? "Oh hey, how jealous are Josh's fangirls of you?" So lame. I want to hug Claudia, she's such a great sport about it all.

She is a great sport! I hate to admit it, but if they hadn’t asked these questions it wouldn’t have shown how cool she is about the fans.

I understand your frustration, but nothing much surprises me anymore, so I just roll with it.